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Now you can have hot water in 15-30 seconds (depending on the size of the home and water system) without wasting a single drop and by using only a fraction of a penny’s worth of electricity.

The Metlund® Hot Water D’MAND® System (a high performance pump, integrated controller and electronic zone valve), requires no special plumbing. It is designed for use with any hot water heating system to provide energy and water savings. It’s easy to install in new or existing homes or businesses.

Savings of energy and water, plus extending the life of water heaters, has a significant return on investment. Federal regulations require the use of low flow fixtures (1½ gallon restrictors on fixtures and 2½ gallon restrictors on showers). Since eight out of ten homes have long waits for hot water at one or more fixtures, it is easy to see the added convenience and cost savings of instant hot water delivery.

We are proud to be approved and/or certified by The Department of Energy, Underwriters Laboratories, The HandyMan Club of America, BCHydro PowerSmart and the Uniform Plumbing Code.

How it Works

At the push of a button, the ACT, Inc. Hot Water D’MAND Kontrol Systems® circulate the ambient temperature water in the hot water lines (water that is normally lost down the drain) back to the water heater. This occurs up to 80% faster than just letting the water run down the drain—the usual scenario. Depending on the plumbing layout, the route and time can vary. The D’MAND Kontrol Systems® move the water rapidly, so that the hot water arrives at the fixtures before the heat is lost through the pipe.

As the ambient temperature water in the cold water line travels towards the water heater, the D’MAND Kontrol Systems® fill the hot water line with hot water. When the hot water reaches the D’MAND Kontrol Systems®, a thermal sensor (thermister) senses a temperature rise and quickly shuts the pump off. The sophisticated electronic circuitry that does this is attached to the high-performance pump housing.

This results in getting hot water to the fixtures three to four times faster (on average), greater convenience in not having to wait, a savings in water and energy, and a reduction in sewage costs! As a by-product of these savings, a cumulative result is the improvement of air quality.

The D’MAND Kontrol Systems® can utilize the cold water line as a return line or it can use a dedicated return line. By using the existing cold water line, it is easy to retrofit existing homes or businesses. Special plumbing is not needed, and since the System will not allow for hot water to cross over to the cold water line, all the cold water fixtures still have cold water.


The D’MAND Kontrol® System is the only system that has the following:


  • Saves energy and water
  • Adds convenience
  • Has a 15-year life expectancy
  • Extends water heater life
  • Reduces sewage pollution
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Easily installed in new or existing homes
  • Does not require plumbing modifications
  • High R.O.I. (Return On Investment)

Proven Results

  • No wasting of hot water down the drain
  • No waiting for hot water
  • Virtually no servicing or replacement
  • Fewer hot water cycles
  • No wasting of any water down the drain
  • No unnecessary heating of water
  • Inexpensive to buy, install, and operate

Added Convenience

  • Less wait time for hot water with no water loss down the drain. (The loss of water while waiting could be 3 to 7 gallons. Since most homeowners do not stand and wait for hot water to arrive, another 1 to 3 gallons may be lost before they notice hot water has arrived).
  • Saves energy and water
  • Easily installed in new or existing homes
  • Will work with any water heating system. Installed within two hours or less on any existing or new home. Does not require major plumbing.

Return On Investment

  • Will have a payback of one to three years

Extended Water Heater Life

Reduces water heating. Allows water heater to be set at 120° and still remain effective and satisfactory to user. Also, the D’MAND Kontrol® System creates a self-cleaning effect on all water heaters. (Unless you have a D’MAND Kontrol® System, the self-cleaning is available from only two manufacturers of water heaters.) When the pump is activated, cold water is supplied to the water heater at a faster GPM flow so it creates a turbulence at the bottom of the water heater thus preventing sediments from forming. This will occur on an average of 15 times a day for a short duration of a few seconds, therefore delaying rust and leakage.

Homeowners have told us for years that they have turned down their water heater to “low” since the water that gets delivered to a fixture is now hotter than before installing the D’MAND Kontrol® System. Water heaters are generally set, at time of installation, to temperatures of 140° to 150°. If the water heater is turned down, each 10° reduction can save between 3% to 5% on water heating costs.

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