Testimonials From Our Growing Family of Customers.


I contacted four different plumbers and got four different responses on how to cut my electricity bill by replacing my 100 gal electric water heater with something else. Nobody instilled confidence in me that what they recommended would work or that the price quoted was reasonable. Phil’s Plumbing was heads above the others. Phil analyzed my system, my needs, and recommend an Eternal 190S tankless system at a very reasonable price. His workers, Luis and Oscar, worked diligently to get the old junk out and the new system installed and operating. At every level of service and dependability Phil’s,…


Dr. Donald H., April 24, 2014, Newport Beach, CA

Tankless Solutions is the best. Phil was great. He saved me a lot of money. Initially I had local plumbing company come over to give me an estimate to repair my tankless water heater. Their technician determined that the main computer board needed to be replaced. They gave me an estimate of over $900 to change the main board and suggested that I should consider replacing the entire tankless water heater with a new unit. When Phil came over he examined the entire system and found that the main board was working good. The problem turned out to be a bad surge protector. In addition there was a problem…


Eusebio G., May 23, 2012, Downey, CA

Phil Knows his tankless water heaters. he was very helpful dealing directly with noritz to get parts under warranty his prices are fair .he had a tough problem to figure out but he stuck with it and got it fixed properly.As a contractor myself didn’t know who to go to for tankless repairs but I would recommend Phil to any of my customers.

Greg S., February 6, 2014, Fullerton, CA

“Phil was very prompt in returning my calls and took the time to evaluate and answer my needs for a tankless water heater. His recommendation is that tankless water is heater is not the best option for me for this particular house. I appreciate his honesty which is rare these days when hiring a plumber. He went further by recommending what brand and where I can purchase a tanked water heater at the best possible price. Phil is knowledgeable and has the the client’s best interest. If you any questions, feel free to call or text me at(626)600 – one one 4 0.”

Eddie L., January 20, 2013, San Gabriel, CA

Phil was great. I will recommend and use him in the future. He came when he said he would and did a great job for what he quoted. I now have a plumber, thanks Phil.

Joe B., April 15, 2012, Fullerton, CA

Quick service, Philips is very very knowledgeable about Tankless water heaters and he also did a great job installing the new tankless water heater. very well thought out.
I was first impressed by his co-worker Phil’s knowledge about every thing you need to know before you install a tankless. They are both very very knowledgeable about what to use and How and where to install it, after talking to 3 so called “expert” I decided to use them, and it turn out excellent. I think more importantly, Philips come help out with a moment notice when I have problem, which is also very valuable.


Mike W., February 12, 2014, Rolling Hills Estate, CA

Phil was great,he showed me stuff other plumers didnt and fixed some things at a discount or no charge,He was also prompt and very thorough and informative…

Alan D., September 1, 2012, La Habra, CA

Called Phil after 2 of the “top” Google plumbers came to my house and each told me that my tankless water heater needed to be replaced. The first company quoted me $2400, the second, $2200. This did not feel right, so I called Phil. He guaranteed me over the phone that he could fix the problem. Phil came over and within 45 minutes diagnosed the problem, he literally had to reset the system (pushing a button) because it was overheating and then spent an hour flushing it out. Done. Hot water works perfect. He charged me $250, which I gladly paid. Phil was great and most important…honest….


David F., March 28, 2014, Los Angeles, CA

“I cannot recommend Phil and his team highly enough!! From the first call, it is clear that Phil is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to understand my situation and to explain to me all aspects of going with a tankless solution. Most contractors do not care whether or not you understand the details. Then when it came time for the job, he took no shortcuts and went far beyond just installing my new water heater. When he saw the hodgepodge of gas pipes running out of my main gas line, he said he would simplify the whole configuration (and there was no additional charge)….


Karen T., May 20, 2013, Los Angeles, CA

Needed to replace a tankless hot water heater in a hurry over a weekend and Phil was there to guide me through my options and get the install done quickly. He spent time with me on the phone explaining things in detail and, having already done some research, I could tell he was knowledgeable and willing to work with me. Once decided, his guys were there the next morning and had the install done quickly, professionally and for a reasonable price. Highly recommend.

Kimberly S., February 15, 2014, Westside, Las Vegas, NV

Phil is a very nice person; he is easy to work with and ALWAYS gives a very good explanation of the problem that he is explaining.


Robert R., February 15, 2014, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

The owner Phil has a great crew, contacted him on Sunday evening at 11:45 pm and received as call from him at 8:05 am the next morning. Memorial day of all days, told him what the problem appeared to be over the phone and he offered to come out that very day. Told me how to trouble shoot over the phone and if that didn’t work out he would send someone to my house if he couldn’t make it out. Low and behold he sent me two of his BEST GUYS: PHIL H. and OSCAR. They were timely, professional, very knowledgable, effecient, clean and courteous. They went above and beyond to try and fix my existing…


Lydia R., May 28, 2013, Downey, CA

If you need help with a tankless water heater, these are the people you should call. The employees that came to my house were very professional and knowledge. The repair technician named Phil has great communication skills and explained how things worked and what I needed. I watched as they worked. I always worry then calling a new repair person but this company provides top quality service and does it with integrity.

Susan P., December 15, 2013, Cypress, CA

Hopefully you don’t need a plumber that often, but when you do… call Tankless Solutions (Phil’s Plumbing). Over the last 25 years of home ownership, I’ve probably used at least a half-dozen different plumbers. I’ve now used Phil’s Plumbing twice. BOTH times, they were a “5”. Professional, responsive and they take the time to explain what they are doing and why. They are also experts in tankless water heaters, water softeners, etc and will give an honest, trustworthy opinion on what to spend money on. We just had a tankless water softener installed after being very frustrated with a traditional…


A.P., May 7, 2013, Newport Beach, CA

Tankless Solutions by Phil’s Plumbing did a great job for me. After starting with another plumber who said he could do the job, Phil came to the rescue. He responded to an email within 30 minutes and made plans to get my Noritz repaired on the Monday before Christmas. They understood the system and noticed something within seconds (literally) that the first plumber missed that identified the problem. Great communication, response time and a fair price. I recommend them to anyone with a tankless water heater.

Scott L., January 21, 2014, Newport Beach, CA

No hot water is the worst! It goes without saying that having to also worry about being cheated when trying to find a good service person is an added headache. That is why I am so glad we found Phils Plumbing. They came right out and tore my heater apart and made it work again and for a lot less money than it would have cost to replace it. Having a tankless water heater is great but nobody told me they needed to be serviced yearly. I know now, once those guys fixed everything they were sure to educate me on what I need to do to make sure this problem doesn’t happen again. Living in Downey seems…


Shelly T., February 26, 2014, Downey, CA

I had a very good experience with Phil and his crew. They installed a tankless water heater for us and worked overtime so it would be finished the same day. We had a couple of glitches which they quickly came out and corrected. All phone calls were returned promptly, or more usually, I was put on hold for a minute and then connected directly to Phil. Phil and the crew were very good about explaining what they were doing and how things worked, also doing the little extra things beyond what was expected. Friendly, professional, affordable service — I highly recommend them.

S.M, January 3, 2014, Lakewood, CA

I called Phil Monday Morning our tankless water heater had stopped working. It had only been in service for 3 years. He was not the contactor that had installed it and I was very dissatisfied with their work ethic and quality of service. Phil called me right back. He was working on another job and we made an appointment to meet at the house that afternoon. He is very knowledgeable about the system. He was instrumental in having the manufacture provide the parts necessary to do the repairs. His team fixed our problem in a very professional manner. I highly recommend Phil and his team!

Steve R., April 1, 2011, Downey, CA

This guy is GREAT. Fast, honest, and saved us having to buy a new unit. HE HAD THE VALVE ON HAND IN HIS TRUCK. I had already had another company come out that morning and they charged $120 to tell me what I already knew (I did youtube research the night before and told them ahead of time the valve probably needed replacement.) They said it would take 5 days (5 DAYS?? NO SHOWERS? EVER HEARD OF FEDEX??) to get the part. But for $2600 they could install a new unit a day later. HAH!

Then I called Phil. I watched him do the repair and he knows the damned machines inside out. He came over within 90 minutes…


John. T., January 9, 2014, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Tankless Solutions by Phil’s Plumbing are Excellent!! I don’t usually write any reviews on yelp but after dealing with a previous tankless water heater company, which I was greatly disappointed with, I found Phil who talked to me on the phone regarding my tankless water heater issues and even called the manufacturer for me to get further information. Phil is extremely knowledgeable and felt very comfortable talking to him. The day I called Phil he came over within 45 minutes. I’m happy to report Phil took care of all my issues with my tankless water heater and I will definitely be using this…


Diane H., April 4, 2014, Rancho Palos Verde, CA

I contacted Phil after working with two other plumbers to fix a tricky tankless heater. The other guys while okay didn’t stand by their work; basically they wanted more money for every visit even if their initial attempts didn’t solve all of the issues.
On the other hand, Phil guaranteed his work and promised my money back if he didn’t get my heater fixed. Our initial contact was informative (Phil is very knowledgeable) followed by a service appointment a couple of days later. It took a few visits, but we finally got the heater working properly after addressing basically everything that could…


Alfred E, February 19, 2014, Bixby Knolls, CA
“I cannot recommend Phil and his team highly enough!!  From the first call, it is clear that Phil is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  He took the time to understand my situation and to explain to me all aspects of going with a tankless solution.  Most contractors do not care whether or not you understand the details.  Then when it came time for the job, he took no shortcuts and went far beyond just installing my new water heater.  When he saw the hodgepodge of gas pipes running out of my main gas line, he said he would simplify the whole configuration (and there was no additional charge).  I also had Phil take care a few other plumbing issues I had.  They did a great job on all of it and left my place immaculate. Finally, I thought his pricing was very reasonable.”
Karen T., Los Angeles, CA
May 19th, 2013

“Phil was very prompt in returning my calls and took the time to evaluate and answer my needs for a tankless water heater. His recommendation is that tankless water is heater is not the best option for me for this particular house. I appreciate his honesty which is rare these days when hiring a plumber. He went further by recommending what brand and where I can purchase a tanked water heater at the best possible price. Phil is knowledgeable and has the the client’s best interest. If you any questions, feel free to call or text me at(626)600 – one one 4 0.”
Eddie L, San Gabriel, Ca
January 20th, 2013

“I’ve known Phil for about 5 years. He has done every repairs for my home and rental properties. On one of the rental properties we had Phil install a Rinnai tankless hot water heater. He did the best job possible. After he did the install I had do all the repairs on all my properties. Sometimes I get an emergency and Phil is already busy that day , but he will walk me through the repair on the phone and even though that might sound nuts, he really does know his business and he makes it sound so easy that even I understand what he says. Phil you\’re the best Buddy.”
Mike Manasa, Huntington Beach, Ca.
December 21st, 2012

“Called Phil after 2 of the “top” Google plumbers came to my house and each told me that my tankless water heater needed to be replaced. The first company quoted me $2400, the second, $2200. This did not feel right, so I called Phil. He guaranteed me over the phone that he could fix the problem. Phil came over and within 45 minutes diagnosed the problem, he literally had to reset the system (pushing a button) because it was overheating and then spent an hour flushing it out. Done. Hot water works perfect. He charged me $250, which I gladly paid. Phil was great and most important…honest. Before you make any decision on a plumbing issue, contact Phil. Thanks again, Phil. BTW – just ordered a whole home water filtration system that he saved me $50 bucks on”
David Frigerio, La.
November 24th, 2012

“Phil’s Plumbing did a great job for me. He was the only one to leave a written estimate. They were on time and finished when they said they would. Clean and efficient. No running to the store for anything, they came well equipped. Had a small leak and they came back and took care of it. They also re-installed my earthquake shut-off valve that the gas company said would not work. I am real happy with Phil and his crew and would recommend them to anyone.”
Joe Jennings, Westminster Ca
August 7th, 2012

“Tankless Solutions is the best. Phil was great. He saved me a lot of money. Initially I had local plumbing company come over to give me an estimate to repair my tankless water heater. Their technician determined that the main computer board needed to be replaced. They gave me an estimate of over $900 to change the main board and suggested that I should consider replacing the entire tankless water heater with a new unit. When Phil came over he examined the entire system and found that the main board was working good. The problem turned out to be a bad surge protector. In addition there was a problem with the heat exchanger which was leaking. Phil made several phone calls to his contacts at the manufacturer to ensure that they would honor the warrantee. All the parts were covered under the warrantee and I just paid for the services rendered. I would recommend Tankless Solutions by Philip to anyone that needs to have a tankless water heater repaired or any other plumbing needs”
Eusebio Gonzalez, Downey
August 3rd, 2012

“Remember when people took the time to really know their trade and had pride in their work? Well that’s Phil. He’s not only knowledgable and trustworthy, but both he and his team take the time to do the job right. We were very satisfied with his work and will not hesitate to recommend him to our friends and family.”
Edward Nahigan, Newport Beach, Ca
July 19th, 2012

“I choose initially Phil because he is the plumber that is called in to troubleshoot when things go wrong with previously installed tankless systems. With a tankless system the installer needs to have in-depth knowledge of the unit’s limitations as well as it’s benefits…so who better to do an initial install? Phil and his crew were professional throughout, were thankfully on hand to repair an incidental main line break (a separate issue), and were able to deliver a system that works wonderfully. I think that I have just found my permanent plumber!”
Russel Rachel, Westminster
July 19th, 2012

“Recently we had a soft water system installed and a charcoal filter. We\’ve noticed significantly less calcium on shower doors and faucets, and our skin and clothes are noticeably softer. This is a great product. We\’re very satisfied with the system\’s performance and with the quality and care of the installation. Thank you!”
J Mullenbach, Whittier
May 24th, 2012

“My old Bosch system suddenly gave up the ghost and started sending rusty, dirty water out of all of my faucets. Additionally, there were loud noises – thuds, pops, shudders – coming from under my house. I had no idea what was wrong. I called Phil and he came right over that day. It turns out it was time to replace my unit. Phil makes a point of staying up to speed with all of the latest in tankless water heaters. I did not want to spend a lot of money installing a larger diameter pipe which is now required of most tankless solutions. Phil had the perfect answer – the Eternal GU100! And he had one in stock, so he came by with his crew the following day and installed it. Not only that, he arranged for an electrician to run the new electrical line right away as well. This is such a great convenience, having someone you can trust to do the entire job, rather than having to hire separate people. The crew was professional, knowledgeable and polite. They also cleaned up every bit of scrap so there was picking up for me to do after they left. Phil also followed up several times by phone over the following week to make sure everything was working well. He also helped me arrange for a rebate. I love my unit – it works perfectly. And if I should ever have a question, I am comfortable calling Phil. He is polite, professional, and concerned about making sure his customers are happy. Thank you Phil!”
Dorothy Loo, Manhattan Beach
May 2nd, 2012

“I live in Anaheim Hills and needed to get faster and longer hot water into our upstairs bedroom which always took forever to get warm water into the shower and the separate bathtub. I thought that I needed a tankless system, but Phil proposed a much cheaper, special reciprocating pump system located under the cabinet sink instead. Unbelievabale! It works wonderfully and my wife is extremely pleased that we have so much more hot water avaiable almost instantly. We also replaced a non-working-salt based water softener system in the garage with a new, filteration based sytem that was again, much cheaper than we thought we could get a new system for. The water is very clean and soft. Again, we are very happy. Phil’s team also did many extras for us like cleaning out the various faucets and drains. Now our home is functioning better than new. No kidding. I would like to tell everyone that Phil and his team are great to work with. They are honest… nice, clean, repectful and ivalue priced. Truthfully, we could not be happier to give Phil’s Plumbing our highest recommendation. Phil is welcome to use me as a plumbing systems reference. Thank you. Rick Kemp Anaheim Hills March 13, 2012.”
Frederick “rick’ Kemp, Anaheim Hills
March 13th, 2012

“Before I met Phil, I had a Plumber that installed a tankless system and did not do it right. Thanks to Phil I now have a tankless system that works correctly. Phil also identified a water pressure issue in the house and fixed that too. Phil�s Plumbing knows what they are doing and I would recommend them for any job.”
Marc Fanticola, Newport Coast
December 18th, 2011

“I have a tankless water heaterin my home that has not worked properly for the last 3 years.After 4 plumbers and a few thousand dollars, I contacted Takagi who manufactures the heater. They recommended Phil’s Plumbing AKA Tankless Solutions. First on the list! .After a one hour visit,my problems were analyzed, and then fixed.Stop wasting time and money”call Phil”.He is honest reasonable,and gets the job done. His crew Louis and Oscar were so professional,and I would not hesitate to refer this company for any problems with your plumbing. Linda R. Corona Del Mar CA”
Linda Rauchle, Corona Del Mar Ca
December 11th, 2011

“We just had our water heater replaced by Phil’s Plumbing. Phil recommended the 25 gallon BradfordWhite unit, I was skeptical at first -how would a 25 gallon unit replace a 40 gallon unit that we had? But doing a little research (1st hour output), and also having used it for the past 2 months, I can say the 25 gallon unit is more than capable of supplying sufficient hot water. In fact, the 1st gallon rating of this unit surpasses many of the larger units available. Phil and his crew, Luis and Oscar, were great. They showed up on time, and were very polite and professional. Luis and Oscar worked efficiently and swiftly to drain and remove the old unit, and then install the new water heater. They kept the areas clean and were completed in an afternoon. Where as other companies quoted me a price that seemed lower, it did not factor in all of the current building and safety codes -to comply, those companies charged additionally. After factoring in the cost of the additional charges, the competitor’s prices far exceeded Phil’s. Why would the competitors quote a price that they knew to be in violation of the safety codes? My guess would be its a “teaser” rate, to get you committed to having them do the work, only to be hit with the additional charges once you cannot pass the city’s inspection. Phil was upfront about the process and the cost, he quoted a completed price, and explained what would be necessary to comply with current codes (our water heater was 20 years old, hence it did not comply). I appreciate Phil being upfront, and his reasonable pricing. “You get what you paid for”; I feel I made the right choice when I had Phil and his crew do the job, rather than the other large companies. Many thanks to Phil and his guys, Luis and Oscar. Phil’s Plumbing will be my “go-to” guys for plumbing needs from now on. Thanks!”
Will Chou, Irvine
July 6th, 2011

“3 years ago I was looking to replace my coventional water heater with a tankless heater. Phil’s Plumbing was one of 5 companies I solicited for an estimate. Phil was very honest about what it would take to install the unit properly. I decided to hire a company that quoted $1600.00 less than Phil. But now 3 years later I had to buy a new water heater because the company I hired took short cuts to accomodate that $1600.00 difference. The things the company omitted were exactly the things that contributed to the failure. The unit was a Takagi TK-3 and had an excellent warranty. But because the failure was due to improper installation, the warranty was violated. The tankless water heater is a very sensitve piece of equipment with a heat exchanger and the electrical wiring involved. Because of that, everything attached to it has to be installed according to code with the proper sizing. You can’t deviate from the required process. Any deviation and you’re being set up for unit failure. Phil’s Plumbing knows the codes and processes and doesn’t deviate from them.”
Ed Gay, Fullerton
June 28th, 2011

“I had Phil’s Plumbing come out to my home for service, and I’m a verry happy satified customer, he made sure all my needs were met and was very courteous to me, he answered all my questions I had regarding what he was going to do to repair the problem I had in my home. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family. Thank you Phil for a very organized, and friendly service you provided to me. One more point, Phil’s Plumbing have very clean and mannerly people working for him.”
Gene Ramirez, La Habra Heights
March 22nd, 2011

“PHIL’S PLUMBING SAVED THE DAY!! My water heater company’s tech support was discourteous, disinterested, and unhelpful, with one exception….. after close to 3 months of dealing with a faulty brand new water heater, they finally sent Phil as their field rep to help with my water heater problem. Phil was attentive, courteous, and had the interest of my family and our need for hot water as his first priority. Phil was extremely professional and went to such lengths as installing a temporary water heater until my Navien unit could be fixed. The one and only reason I would ever interact with my water heater company in the future is that at least they have the insight to have capable and courteous field representatives like Phil’s Plumbing.”
Greg M., Duarte, Ca
March 10th, 2011

“What great luck! I chose Phillip to troublehoot my \”Cold Water Sandwich\” problem with which I havehad the misfortune to have been saddled for almost a year after the installation of a Tankless Water Heater. I am delighted that he diagnosed the pro9blem and suggested a solution which he had installed in his own home. He did the work at my home and Voila! I can again enjoy my showers!!! I enjoydoing the dishes!!! I enjoy not having my water not run cold intermittently during these activities!!! Thanks a million!!!”
Mrs. H. Wildman, Long Beach
March 7th, 2011

“Phillip Piotrowski seemed very conscientious and attentive to our desires for our installation. He was very concerned for our overall satisfaction with his company’s work. Though he was not the lowest estimate we received for this job, his knowledge of the new PEX technology coupled with his old world mentality for workmanship and customer satisfaction won him our installation. We are quite happy with our new water heating and plumbing system.”
Greg Page, Downey
February 23rd, 2011

“This is a recommendation and reference for Phil Piotrowski of Phil’s Plumbing. It was a pleasure to work with Phil and his crew, and I am very satisfied with the result. Phil helped me remodel a master bath over a year ago: it was a difficult remodel that involved pushing a wall back to enlarge a 2nd floor bathroom, and installing a 2-person corner tub-shower into the enlarged corner — which also had a sloped ceiling! First and foremost, I found Phil far more intelligent and thoughtful than the average contractor (I have restored several buildings over a 20-year period). When I first contacted him, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted done. Phil inquired into my purposes behind those decisions, and then he suggested water-heating equipment that accomplished my purposes — and more — at less cost and with an easier installation and less hassle than what I previously thought was needed. The wisdom of his suggestions has been borne out by a year’s experience now. Second, the attitude of Phil and his crew of, “We can do anything!” was a pleasure to work with. The new supply, drain & vent lines had to be integrated into the existing old-house structure, and they worked around several tricky spots with care, creativity and professionalism to accomplish this, and to meet my requirement that it all be done “To Code.” One part of the job involved making connections in an under-house crawl space that was very short and tight quarters. Despite the difficulty, the 2-man crew who worked with Phil were courteous and persistent. I also want to mention how very reliable I found Phil to be in his communications: if traffic had him even 10 minutes behind his scheduled arrival, he always phoned. He was very accessible and returned my calls promptly. He and his crew started the job when planned and worked steadily through it to completion — which, if you’ve ever dealt with contractors, you know is not a universal practice. It may seem odd in a letter of recommendation to mention any problems, but I feel that the manner in which problems are handled when they do arise is the mark of a true professional. One of the fixtures I bought was a waterfall spigot with unusual attachment requirements; Phil needed to modify it to make it work in this particular installation, so he took it home to work on. The next time I saw him, he brought a brand new one over: he said he had slightly damaged the one I’d given him so he had obtained a new replacement at his own expense…before I ever had to ask him to. Now *that* is the way a professional handles problems. I found it a pleasure to work with such an intelligent and courteous professional, and I do plan to use his firm again. Sincerely, Linda Abrams”
Linda Abrams, San Pedro
February 23rd, 2011

“THANK YOU, PHIL! For asking questions and doing the research before you got here; for having competent staff who were able to do the job right the FIRST time; and most of all for never wasting our time. The research you did before hand on our defunct tankless unit saved time. Your knowledge, honest appraisal, and professionalism are priceless! And we really appreciate that you gave us several different options for replacements; from a quick fix, low budget, to permanent. The replacement Rinnai is working wonderfully! We could not be happier and will call you if we need service again! And will recommend you to everyone we know. Finding you was the best thing that could have happenned!”
Alan And Yaixa Saidi, Pico Rivera
December 10th, 2010

“Phillip spent a great deal of time with us discussing which tankless product (and placement) would be right for our needs. He patiently answered all of our questions, addressed all of our concerns and ultimately installed the perfect system for us. And he never tried to up-sell us on extra, unnecessary items. He even steered us away from overspending and pointed us toward more economical choices! Imagine that! A plumber who wants to save you money! Phillip is efficient, respectful of our time, property and pocketbook. He and his crew will be welcomed back to our home whenever our next plumbing problem arises. (And we’ve already referred him to our friends!) We could not have been happier with our experience with Phil’s Plumbing!”
Elizabeth Smith, Costa Mesa
September 25th, 2010

“Phil’s knowlege and honest evaluation saved me alot of money on my tankless system. Phil took the time to trouble shoot and explain all my options. I will be a loyal client for years. I would highly recommend him for all home and commercial plumbing. Gil”
Gil Marrero, Santa Ana
September 13th, 2010

“Phil and his team estimated and installed a Takagi tankless water heater for me. They moved the plumbing lines, installed a new gas line, installed the heater and did final adjustments at the end of the process I carefully researched and took estimates on the installation of a tankless system. Research will show you that installation is 90% of the battle with a tankless system. Phil came out and gave me a very through discussion of the pros and cons of tankless systems. He honestly answered my questions about which system was the preferable system for my application. His quote was straight forward and clearly itemized. He was clear about the benefits of permitting (do it!). He followed up to see if I had questions and was able to set up the installation quickly. He even advised me that Takagi prices were going up soon and I was able to get my unit for less than I would in a few weeks. Installation went smoothly and was minimally disruptive. The guys that did the installation were friendly, polite and competent. I lived with the unit for two days and I was glad that I did. After two days I had some minor complaints that were easily resolved when he came by to finish off the project and collect final payment. Phil is worth every penny if you are looking to do a tankless system. This is one case where you don\\\’t want to just go with the \\\”cheapest\\\”. That person does not know how to maximize the system and is just trying to get the bid. He really knows and understands the systems and more importantly the installation. Saying that… he is still very reasonable and really took care of the whole situation from start to finish. He even threw in an earthquake valve for me. If you want to go tankless… call Phil and his team and they will get you set up Angies List Ratings Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A”
Nancy Scharnag, Hawthorne
September 2nd, 2010

“After a different service company came out to repair my tankless, $550.00 later, and being told that my tankless needed to be replaced, I called Rinnai and they referred me to Phil. He told me over the phone he could help me and could same my water heater. I was so skeptical at that point, he promised me $300 of service and a working heater. He did as he promised and even saved me money on all of the parts needed. This man knows what he is doing, and he’s not a “scam artist plumber”. I was impressed by his professionalism and his work. I am an Interior Designer by trade, and wouldn’t hesitate to call Phil first on any remodel that involves a tankless first. It was great working with him, and he saved me a lot of money. Thanks Phil! I would refer you any day.”
Dena Teller, Newport Beach
August 30th, 2010

“I used Phil 10 years ago when we had a major leak. Now 10 years later he again is my go-to-guy. We needed a new toilet installed, no emergency, but Phil came out the same day that I called. When he was running late he was a true professional and called to let me know. Phil and his crew were knowledgeable, efficient, and got the job in no time. I highly recommend him. Thank you Phil!”
Keren Pankau, Cypress
August 12th, 2010

“Back in April Phil updated our water heater to a tankless one and then set up the inspection on our behalf. The water heater was installed very professionally and was up to code when the inspection took place. Also he came back in June to fix the “hammering noise that we had ever since the remodel of our bathroom was finished. Our contractor was not able to fix it so we called Phil and he did a wonderful job in alleviating that horrible noise that shook the kids’ shower every night. I would highly recommend Phil to everybody looking for a plumber. Not only is he friendly and professional but he is very knowledgeable and will do everything he can to fix the problem. Altogether we spent about $4,000 after all the work was done but it was money well spent. Sometimes you just have to spend the money to get the problem fixed the right way. Since the end of June we have not heard the “hammering” noise and I’m happy to report that we have 3 very happy kids now. Angies List Ratings Overall A Price A Quality A Responsiveness A Punctuality A Professionalism A Marilou Dulay Cerritos CA 90703″
Marilou Dulay, Cerritos
July 30th, 2010

“Phil came out at 7:00 AM on a Saturday morning to replace an old toilet, repair and replace the 50+ year old plumbing below my clogged bath tub. Phil and his helper knew exactly what to do, ordering the proper replacement items and working diligently on removing some difficult old plumbing and replacing it under the house. He made sure I knew the estimated cost and authorized the repairs before proceeding. I knew exactly what was happening and had no surprises in the final bill. I was glad to pay the very reasonable bill and plan to use Phil if I ever have anymore plumbing problems and refer Phil to anyone that has plumbing problems. A very happy customer. Mike Hoffman Lakewood, Ca December 19, 2009”
Michael C. Hoffman, Lakewood, Ca
December 21st, 2009

“We are so glad that we hired Phil to install a Tankless Water Heater in our home and not the competition. He took the time to explain to us the complete process and the cost. He worked with us based on our needs and budget. He did the work in a very professional manner and made sure that we are satisfied before collecting the final payment. We could not be happier. We would gladly recommend him to others. We got our money’s worth and more.”
Ed & Leonie, W. Covina
April 7th, 2009

“Phil’s Plumbing is the best Plumbing Service I have found in the past 10 years. Phil really knows how to trouble-shoot a problem and has saved me money both times I have needed him. He is fast and does a job right the first time. I will continue to use his services.”
Todd Spencer, Whittier
April 6th, 2009

“Phil was very pleasant and professional. He was prompt and knowledgeable. He assessed the situation and explained all of my options. The work was performed perfectly and on time. The amount he charged was reasonable and appropriate to the job. He did not try to add unnecessary service. I feel that he was honest with me and stood behind his estimate.”
Steve Owens, Garden Grove
April 5th, 2009

“On time, professional, polite, understanding, clean, excellent work. I had Phil replace a shower faucet for me. The job is as good looking in the shower as it was behind the wall, that is after he fixed the wall. He arrived on time, provided a fair quote, communicated price to me, told me exactly what was to be done, did the work perfectly and was very easy to deal with. I would send him to my Mom’s house. 5 Star rating, exceeded my expectations.”
Timothy Broom, Cypress
April 5th, 2009

“My rental is an older home and the plumbing has presented numerous challenges. Phil is an honest professional who I have come to rely on. He is timely and gets it right the first time. I have recommended him to all my friends and family.”
Wendy Zegarra, Lakewood
March 17th, 2009

“Philip installed our tankless water heater for us, and we couldn’t be happier with its’ performance. Recently, he came and checked our home furnace and gave a couple of free estimates on its repair. Phillip is not only a great plumber and heating specialist, he makes it so interesting. He handled the permit process and all we had to do was watch a professional at work. I highly recommend him and his services. He has knowledge, experience, and that most welcome and increasingly rarest of qualities – integrity. Thank you, Phil.”
Eric Riley, Long Beach
March 14th, 2009

“phils is the best plummer i have ever used he is always on time for his appts and very professional. i would recommend him to any friends or nieorbors in fact he was recommened to me thats how he is trusted in this community.thank you mr. TERRELL”
Ronald Terrell, Lakewood
February 2nd, 2009

“Phil recently repaired some clogged pipes in our rental. He made sure to use the least invasive technique and saved me several hundred dollars. He and his employees we very professional, kept things as clean as possible and cleaned up when they were finished. I was very pleased with his work and will not hesitate to call him the next time I need a plumber or someone I know needs a referral.”
Jaylene, Lakewood
December 16th, 2008

“Very fast in responding to my service request….Very informative and explained exactly what repairs and servicing had to be done. Pricing was reasonable. Very nice and efficient”
Mr. Douglas Hill, Cerritos
November 18th, 2008

“We recently had a large, important job that Phil and his crew did with their usual professionalism: the replacement of a gas line to our home. Phil worked with the city through the plan scoping and approval process and had us back to hot showers and non-microwave cooking in just a couple days. Phil’s responsiveness, fairness and attention to detail were there, as always.”
Carroll Lachnit, Long Beach
September 8th, 2008

“Phil did an excellent job of installing a dryer booster fan in my house. I had called 6 other people from plumbers to duct specialists, and no one was up to the challenge except Phil. Before starting the job he gave a detailed plan and cost breakdown. On the day of the job, he went the extra mile of cleaning existing ductwork and checking for blockages with a pipe camera before installing anything. The installation went smoothly and my clothes dry perfectly now. Overall, Phil did a thorough job and was very easy to work with. I highly recommend him.”
Milan Bhatt, Cerritos
November 6th, 2007

“Philip Thank you so much for your great work in our house- Your attitude,wonderful smile really is a great change in our world today. Wishing you great siccess and happiness and good health.Tell koky he was also awsome, very polite. I will give everyone your number. Thanks again :”
Dawn Powell, Cypress,ca
June 14th, 2007

“Very pleased with Phil’s work. He and his crew performed quality work, quickly, for a fair price. I first needed his leak detection service and was so pleased I engaged him to perform some other neglected pluming needs. I will use his services again and I recommend him to anyone who needs quality pluming and leak detection.”
George Olinger, Westminster
April 7th, 2006

“I have been waiting to remodel my very outdated and ugly bathroom for three years. We had 3 different contractors come out and we were not satisfied with any of them: either too expensive, too disinterested, or just plain flaky. I struck gold with my 4th try: Phil’s Plumbing. I could rave about Phil and his men for a while so I will summarize. It was an amazingly positive experience to work with him and his staff. He quoted every price up front, documented it, and did not stray from it. He called me almost every day to update me with on what was going on. His men were polite, hard-working and very concerned about our satisfaction on the job. The work was done promptly and carefully, and for a reasonable price. I waited so long to do this project until I could find competent and nice people to do the job and my expectations were surpassed. Working with Phil was a complete pleasure… oh yes, AND my bathroom is GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks Phil!”
Kristi Roberts, Fountain Valley, Ca
January 16th, 2006

“I work for the city of Huntington Beach and our old building has had reoccurring plumbing problems over years. Toilets would back up which flooded the floors, you get the picture. In the past, we would call a roto service and they would come and do there thing, but nothing was ever fixed. After three return visits from the Roto service, I tried a new approach and called Phil’s Plumbing out of Huntington Beach. Turns out, if we had called them in the first place, we would have saved a large amount money on repeat calls. Now, this was an industrial type response and Phil and his guys did’nt bat an eye. They went right to work. I highly recommend Phil’s Plumbing for your plumbing needs. He is all about a satisified customer.”
Les Robinson, Huntington Beach,ca
February 2nd, 2005

“Not going to write a book. Just want to say how satisfied I am with Phil’s plumbing. He always arrives when he says he’ll be there and his prices a resonable. Thanks for being there when I need HELP.”
Gladys, Lakewood, Ca
August 20th, 2004

“Our upstairs shower pan failed sending water down through the kitchen lighting fixture and ceiling. Phil came to the rescue not just by handing the catastrophic plumbing headache, but by interfacing to our insurance company to lessen the burden of all of the insurance detail. His staff did an excellent design job on our new shower with European fixtures. These fixtures presented a particular challenge because the specifications are tighter than American products. His staff was up to the task and the shower is now quite a show piece. I would unhesitatingly recommend Phil and his staff for any plumbing and design challenge.”
Ken Keefe, Huntington Beach
August 20th, 2004

“Phil and his crew were on time, did a great job, responded to all our requests for follow up and charged a fair, competitive price. In what has to be a first for tradespeople (in my experience, anyway), Phil’s crew started work a day ahead of schedule. For something that started as a plumbing headache, it ended as a very positive experience. Bravo, Phil!”
Carroll & Alec, Long Beach
November 4th, 2003

“I especially appreciate the way my job was handled by K and George. Your organization, including these gentlemen, did a fine job and kept their promise all the way to completion. The job was more difficult than estimated after the digging began. K called me to be sure that the job was completed. We have not asked previous plumbing companies to come back. However, we will look to your company when we have plumbing needs in the future. I also compliment you for responding so quickly to my internet request this past weekend. I had made another request of one of your competitors 2 weeks ago and have not heard a word!”
Richard Wolak, Anaheim Hills
April 30th, 2003

“We have been customers of Phil’s Plumbing for years and are very satisfied with the service and prices. Phil’s Plumbing has responded quickly to all our requests, whether emergency or routine situations. We like the fact that we are given a detailed explanation of services to be performed. Additionally, temporary solutions have been implemented, when necessary, until service could be performed. Thanks, Phil.”
Nick & June Riggio, Long Beach
April 30th, 2003

“Years ago, Phil repiped my neighbor’s home and he is the most demanding homeowner I know, so when I needed to repipe I had Phil repipe my home with great results. In 2001, we remodeled our kitchen and Phil handled all the plumbing again with great results. Now, in 2003, we just completely remodeled one of the baths and Phil was the man again. Same great results. Thanks Phil!”
Freeman & Patsy Welch, Long Beach, Ca
April 1st, 2003

“I had a terrific experience using Phil’s plumbing. He responded to my e-mail in 2 hours, and came out for the free inspection the next morning. The work was top notch, and I felt that the prices were reasonable. I would use Phil’s plumbing in the future.”
Evan, Rancho Santa Margarita
February 27th, 2003

“Plumbers are like lawyers; nobody really wants to see either one. But, when it does become necessary, Phil is the plumber you want to see. Not only is he reliable, but he is also fair and honest. What’s more, he’s even a nice guy!”
Paul Gautreau, Long Beach
November 22nd, 2002

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