Scale Scrubber – Scale Control System

Scale Scrubber

Scale Control System

Tankless Solutions by Phil’s Plumbing is proud to offer our newest scale control system “Scale Scrubber”. This scale containment system is designed to protect your Tankless Water Heater with the same efficiency and proven results as some of the top brands on the market, and at a lower cost to install and maintain. Scale is the leading cause of failure in Tankless units and even worse it can damage your expensive and often hard to replace shower/faucet cartridges.  Allow me to be frank and state that without a plan to control hard water, your tankless unit, your plumbing fixtures and your plumbing will all suffer damages far surpassing the cost and maintenance of this system. If you are a homeowner who invested a large sum of money into having the most luxurious shower or bath available then my only question to you is “Why don’t you have our system?”.

Siliphos- Here is a link that describes the testing and research effects of Siliphos (Silibinin) on our systems. As this is the active solution in our scale control system we wanted to make sure to provide you with information on what effects it may have on you and your families health. We think you may be pleasantly surprised. Please click the link to read the article.

Siliphos Website HERE

Siliphos Pamphlet  HERE



Lower cost, efficient, money saving, bottom line… a must have for any home running a tankless unit.


 Gallery Of Images for our Scale Scrubber Scale Control System


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