Meet Philip

Meet Philip Piotrowski

Owner of Tankless Solutions by Phil’s Plumbing

When you first speak to Philip you will notice his great sense of humor and fiery wit. Philip isn’t afraid to tell you how things are and what needs to be done to make things right.  His commitment to his customers is second only to his commitment to his craft with no compromise on quality to either one. His commitment to his trade began in Poland during the 1970’s where he received his Degree in Engineering and training under a Union standards trade school specializing in plumbing. After coming to the United States, Philip attended the Associated Technical College in LA where he graduated in 1982. Philip then signed on as a Plumbing Apprentice in order to familiarize himself with the standards and practices here in the US.

Being true to his commitment to continue his career growth, Philip studied for and passed his licensing as a Plumbing Contractor in 1987 and later became Officially Certified as a Plumbing Inspector by the International Code Council in 2004. To this day Philip is always learning, growing and educating not only himself but those around him.

As a result of Philip’s background and commitment, Tankless Solutions by Phil’s Plumbing is a Factory Authorized Service Provider for all of the major Tankless Manufacturers. Each employee who signs on under Philip is fully trained and tested not only by the manufacturer but also by Philip himself. That is his dedication to his craft, his customers and to himself. Knowing our motto, Do it Once, Do it Right, you can understand just what that statement means to Philip and all of us at Tankless Solutions.

Our reputation and standing with the BBB as well as Philip’s membership to the IAPMO- International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, shows that we have a long history providing excellent customer service to our community. With Philip leading the way with over 30 years of plumbing experience, including Sewer and Drain troubleshooting, leak detection and an extensive knowledge of Insurance practices, it is no wonder why we are the first and only choice for your plumbing and  Tankless Water Heater needs.

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