Is going Tankless Right for you?

As a service technician for most of the major tankless companies and also a plumbing technician, I have the good fortune to be able to see the pro’s and con’s of owning a tankless water heater. The very first thing you must do before running out and buying a tankless water heater is to address why you want one. Do you need the space your tank heater is taking up? Do you find yourself waiting around to use hot water because someone else used it all up before you? If you answered NO to these two questions then you do not NEED a tankless water heater. Necessity is the best motivator to do what it takes to make a tankless water heater last as long as it was intended to, without YOU, it cannot do what it was meant to do for as long as it was meant to do it. Hard water destroys them, the insides of a tankless water heater just cant stand up to the hard water in most areas of California and without you to arrange to have it serviced regularly and have your water treated, it just wont be able to perform as expected for very long.

What is the benefit of a tankless if I answered YES to one or both of the questions above? Good Question! Now you’re thinking like a tankless owner!

The benefit comes in nice, hot water for as long as you leave the tap open, yes you heard that right, for as long as you leave the tap open. A tankless water heater can deliver 120 degree hot water to your faucet for as long as you leave it open. Imagine that shower you always longed for, such a relaxing spray of muscle soothing jets for as long as you want. Water bill withstanding, you could shower all day long… not that you want to of course, Ahem, I mean were in a drought and all but you could if you so chose to.

The other perk is that it takes up a lot smaller area of space than that pesky old tank. Your three bathroom home would need at least a 50 gallon tank to even try to provide hot water to a family that would need 3 bathrooms. A tankless for a single bath home isn’t much larger than one for a 4 bathroom home. You can also mount that tankless on the wall on the outside of your home and free up the space your tank is taking up. I know my wife heard that and well, let’s just say I am the proud owner of a tankless myself. So speaking from experience as an installer, servicer and husband/tankless owner I can tell you they are a great thing to have but they need some TLC from you in order to last. DO the maintenance and treat your water and these things can last you for 15/20+ years.

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Phil Hood

Service Manager

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