A message to our long time and first time clients.

In a continuing effort to provide you with the very best service and protection possible we have made several attempts to reach out to you and remind you about your commitment to protecting your hot water heating system. As this year has brought many new advancements in hot water systems it has also brought several changes as well. One change that greatly affected the Tank and Tankless industry was the Low Nox law that passed in January of 2013. This law requires that Tank and Tankless systems be of a higher gas burning efficiency so as to protect our environment from harmful emissions. Although this change is great for our environment it is important to know how this can potentially affect you as a home owner. If your current hot water system were to fail then you would have to either fix your system or purchase a new one. Let's take a closer look at these two options:

            1) Fixing it. If you choose to fix your system then you will need to find out if your warranty is still in effect. This year many of the tankless manufacturers have tightened their belts on just how far they are willing to go to cover your repairs. Many of them would offer a "kindness" to you by replacing parts damaged by a leaking heat exchanger but with the number of units that failed here in California due to hard water and the costs associated with replacing not only the heat exchanger but also the parts damaged they have withdrawn that "kindness" and are now only offering the heat exchanger or whatever the true text of the warranty covers. If your system is damaged past a simple leak and other parts are destroyed beyond the heat exchanger being replaced then you could find yourself the proud owner of a brand new heat exchanger inside of a soggy non working machine. That would then bring us to the next choice...

            2) Replacement. The new systems on the market are higher efficiency gas burning machines called Condensing Units. These units require different venting and installation then your existing models. As such they will almost always require you to alter your current piping and venting configuration plus the machines themselves are more expensive then they used to be. In most cases you would actually spend less money initially to purchase all the parts to repair your current unit then to buy a new one, minus the fact that your old unit will most likely still be out of warranty or only have a small limited warranty remaining for whatever duration the warranty has left. Not a good thing considering no matter what choice you make, the thing that caused the failure to happen is still there, waiting to strike again.


We can help you to protect from having to choose either of these two options.

The only smart choice is to protect your system, keep it well maintained and protected from the harsh effects of hard water. This letter is our last option to reach you, although we will never stop trying to protect you we still are not magicians and can not simply wave a wand and make you do what's right for your hot water needs. Please contact us today and let us fulfill our commitment to you and get you back on track with being your homes protector. We stand ready to help you fight back the harsh effects of hard water.

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